The Warhorn's Call

Interlude: A Date with the King

Soundly defeating the two Gargantuan dragonspawn, the group recovers a cart from the Mine and makes their way back to civilization. At Horgenhold they make repairs and regroup, discovering that the steamjack recovered from the mine may be a bit… feisty.

Once returned to Corvis, Major Klein informs everyone that they have a debrief with his superiors. After some long put-off drinking, they board a train and head South to Caspia. Klein leads them through twisting passages in the capital until they come up into what appears to be the royal Palace.

Scout-General Bolden Rebald, head of the Cygnar Reconnaissance Service, greets them. He heads them all into a large chamber. Inside is Warmaster Olson Turpin, Lord Commander Coleman Stryker, and his Majesty King Leto Raelthrone I. Once informed of the recent events, they plan the next course of action.

Documents recovered from the Greylord fortress mention Olivia Terantor, Koren D’Avangelo’s former teacher and mentor. They place her in Midfast, holed up in the Order of the Golden Crucible’s guildhouse/fortress there. She is an obvious link to D’Avangelo, assuming they can get to her first.



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