The Warhorn's Call

Chapter 9: The Rhul of Law, FInale

Ryovin turns the tables and attempts to attack Lylth, Everblight’s Herald, thrusting the group into a deadly battle. They come out on top, however, even though Lylth is able to retreat. She swears D’Avangelo will be the ruin of them all, and retreats into the wilderness. Injured and with damaged steamjacks, they return to the Quarry camp to repair and recuperate. Dargen is gone though, and all that remains there of him or the miner prisoners is blood.

Resting in the miner’s quarters, a rumbling noise gets Sebastian’s attention as he is on first watch. Two giant, winged dragonspawn come over the mountains towards the Quarry. The group flees, but soon find themselves pursued by the dragonspawn. They breathe fire at the wagon, damaging it and ruining the road ahead, but the group is able to navigate around the obstacles. One of them even gets a hold of the wagon, only to be forced back by Razzit’s knives.

The other dragonspawn lands in front of a mountain pass ahead and breathes more fire at the wagon. Despite their best efforts, the wagon loses control…..



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