The Warhorn's Call

Chapter 11: Old Friends, Part 1

Returning to Point Bourne with Olivia, the group meets with Major Klein. He is happy to have Olivia helping the CRS, and promises to keep her safe in Caspia while debriefing her. Olivia agrees, and retires for the night. Klein then breaks some bad news: Rokaran, Arman and Davin are all missing.

The three had been venturing into the Thornwood in search of Sarah Bradshaw, the girl Rokaran had been guarding who ran off into the clutches of Blackclad druids. Klein relates that he had instructed the three to report in regularly, and they are now 5 days overdue. The group gathers up supplies the next day and heads out in search of the missing three. Major Klein knows they were going to explore ruins to the North-West, but has nothing more specific.

Skillfully navigating the dense and dangerous forest, the group comes across an abandoned warjack leaning against a tree. They quickly realize it is Steelboot, Davin’s Talon. Taking it with them, they continue on. The next night, Mouse spots a person up a nearby tree as the group makes to camp. Arman, dehydrated and weak, is clinging to a large branch to hide.

Arman tells the group that he, Davin and Rokaran were hounded by Tharn, a savage bestial people who live in the Thornwood. He escaped, but he thinks Davin and Rokaran were both captured. The ruins they were investigating are not far away.

Journeying to them the next day, the group dismounts and prepares for a fight. A tharn woman gets the drop on them from the bushes however, and lets out a savage cry.



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