The Warhorn's Call

Chapter 11: Old Friends, FInale

After slaughtering what seems like an entire tribe of hostile and fearless Tharn, the group reaches the site they were protecting. On a hill in the middle of an old ruined tower, a ritual is taking place. A small girl, Sarah Bradshaw, is taking part in a bloody ceremony led by three Tharn witches. Standing stones ringed around a burning pile of corpses come alive with primal magical energies. Rokaran sits bound, trapped as an observer to the strange ritual.

Sebastian followed by the rest intervene, cutting down the witches. Sarah steadfastly continues the ritual. She resists any attempt to stop her until Razzit detonates a knock-out gas bomb in the nick of time. The ritual is halted, allowing the warjacks to destroy the standing stones.

Rokaran insists on going after Davin, who evaded capture by the Tharn. The group does not wish to risk themselves or the girl in the Thornwood longer than necessary, and agrees to retreat. Rokaran insists on going after Davin, and heads out in search of him with Arman and Steelboot. This leaves the group to head back to Point Bourne empty-handed, save the girl.



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