The Warhorn's Call

Chapter 10: The Mentor of my Enemy is my Friend, Finale

After a desperate battle in the Order of the Gold Crucible fortress that claims the life of Captain Krael, the group and Olivia managed to escape. A specter of Lich Lord Malathrax makes one last offer for them to join Cryx, but he is rebuffed. The Ordic military is at the gates of the fortress demanding to know what is happening, but they get no answers. Returning to the New Caldron Inn, a group of men are at a table waiting for them. They are the ones spying on the group up until this point, but the men leave disappointed upon seeing Olivia with them.

The next day, they take the train down to Five Fingers. There, as they enter the city, a skeleton in robes and a cloak offers them a note from Kasilla. She has heard their call and needs a favour. Meeting her in a townhouse kept by the undead, Kasilla explains that her rival grave robbers are working for Cryx. They plan on sacking the tomb of one of Ord’s kings, Merrin Cathor the third. Kasilla has no love for the tomb of a pious Morrowan, but she likes Cryx defiling the place much less.

The group agrees to intervene and breaks into the tomb themselves. Inside they find Ordic inscriptions and illustrations carved into the walls. Deeper inside, a spike trap grazes Razzit. They also accidentally awaken four Iron Maidens, constructs designed to defend the tomb. After defeating them and reach the sarcophagus, they find a Cryxian agent attempting to open it. The man promptly kills himself. Alerting the local Church of Morrow will allow them to re-secure the tomb, but leaves as many questions as answers. At least stopping Cryx affirms Kasilla’s loyalty, and she offers her help when it is needed.



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