The Warhorn's Call

Chapter 10: The Mentor of my Enemy is my Friend, Part 4

Olivia greets the group and first asks to hear of how they come to her doorstep. After a short break at the OGC speakeasy, they reconvene. Olivia recalls how she met a young Koren D’Avangelo as he was first entering the OGC. Even then he was a prodigy and genius, and she latched on to him to become first his mentor and then his partner in alchemy. Together they did exceptional work for a time, Olivia even developing some feelings for Koren.

Over time, however, he began to exceed her and all of his peers. D’Avangelo grew reclusive and immersed in his work. He did confide in Olivia a budding magical talent, which he chose to otherwise keep secret. His work eventually took him away entirely. Some time later, Olivia received an invitation to join him at a cottage in a remote area in foothills of the Wyrmwall mountains.

There, Koren revealed his work and asked Olivia to abandon the Order of the Golden Crucible to join him. His plans made use of many forbidden materials and reagents, and when pressed he admitted the mathematical foundation was provided by the Cult of Cyriss, Maiden of Gears, of which he was a member. Olivia stole what materials she could and fled back to the Order, although not without regret.

In the present, she has analyzed D’Avangelo’s work enough to find what she thinks is a critical flaw in it. A flaw he may be too self-confident to notice. He plans to use the differentials in energy of multiple planes to some end, but she is convinced it will only result in destruction.

A commotion outside the room interrupts the conversation; something is wrong. Captain Krael eventually comes and orders an evacuation. The Order’s security has been breached. After a lieutenant fails to report, Krael groups everyone together to escort Olivia to a safe-room in the basement. On route they stumble upon the scene of a massacre in the lobby. Many of the Guards are dead.

Ahead, a ghostly skeleton clad in armour passes straight through a stone wall, looking menacingly at the group as it prepares to charge.



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