The Warhorn's Call

Chapter 10: The Mentor of my Enemy is my Friend, Part 3

A woman answers Razzit’s knocks on the door. After some convincing, Razzit enters the room and quickly finding himself at the mercy of a Nyss Swordswoman. Olivia Terantor is indeed there, and she begins questioning Razzit’s allegiances and motivations. It is clear she has suffered greatly at the hands of would be abductors and assassins, revealing that she is missing one of her legs.

She rejects Razzit’s pleas for information and help in fight Koren D’Avangelo, and insists he prove that he will not use D’Avangelo’s knowledge or creations for his or any nations own ends. Although unable to convince her, Razzit does relate his story from meeting D’Avangelo up to this point.

Returning to the rest of the group, Razzit relates the events after some alcoholic encouragement. Mouse decides to help earn Olivia’s trust by baring his soul in a letter to her. The rest of the group takes encouragement and follows suit, penning their own messages to her.

Zarael and Ryovin install a new boiler in Harvester the next day while waiting for news. There seems to be persons watching them while away from the New Cauldron Inn. Sebastian and Zarael pursue another while out the next day, but fail to follow them. Mouses mess with another at a tavern closer to the Order of the Golden Crucible guildhouse, but to no avail.

Finally, a letter is returned to the New Cauldron Inn, addressed to everyone in the group. The letter contains a time, tomorrow at 10am; and an alchemical formula. It is also signed by Olivia. Following the formula produces a fluid that constantly changes in color and shape when moved and exposed to light. At the entrance to the interior of the OGC base, it gets the group past the guards. Krael is waiting for them, and leads them up to Olivia’s chambers.

Within, perhaps lies some answers…



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