The Warhorn's Call

Chapter 10: The Mentor of my Enemy is my Friend, Part 2

Razzit helps Ryovin set up a way to scout out potential OGC members; by offering a new alchemy tool at the marketplace in Midfast. Sebastian manages to attract a curious crowd with his sales pitch and Mouse follows one potential Golden Crucible member, a gobber, back to a dingy and rundown inn and tavern. There he ambushes the gobber and forces him at gunpoint to relinquish his membership certificate to the Order. Mouse is able to forge a copy for Razzit, but finds the other gobber gone by apparent suicide when he attempts to return the document. The fact he had to shake a tail on the way does not bode well either.

Razzit uses the completed document to infiltrate the OGC compound in the morning of the next day. He is able to scout out most of the guild-house, but finds no sign of Terantor. Where reconnaissance fails, Razzit uses volume. Loudly asking about Olivia Terantor gets him directed to the Guard Captain of the Crucible Guard, a man named Krael. He is unreceptive until Razzit drops D’Avangelo’s name. Krael forcefully tells Razzit not to say that name aloud, for D’Avangelo has been disavowed and excised from the Order. Krael does know where Terantor is. Gaining admittance is a different matter entirely, though.

The Guard Captain leads Razzit to her room….



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