The Warhorn's Call

Chapter 10: The Mentor of my Enemy is my Friend, Part 1

After the Royal meeting, Major Klein sends the group to Midfast to search for Olivia Terantor at the Order of the Golden Crucible’s headquaters. He also asks them to investigate a report of Bartaniel Centerus, the only unaccounted-for member of Rachssen’s Pikes, in the town of Cardrona along the way. They also attempt to make contact with Kasilla during a stop at Five Fingers.

In Cardrona, they find that Bartaniel is dead, drinking himself to death in melancholy while outwardly staying jovial and boisterous.

Arriving in Midfast, the OGC compound is heavily fortified and looms large in the city. Mouse drops some signs that they are being watched, increasing patrols. The group, except for Razzit, go in to ask for Olivia, but get no response. Ryovin tries again and only gets kicked out. A certified member of the Order, though, would surely have better luck….



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