The Warhorn's Call

Interlude: The Sniper

The group encounters the necro-surgeon Sarkinine in the caves. He is less than helpful or forthcoming, but also seems unmoved by the death of his master, Dar Kallsius. The group leaves him to work on the remains of the townsfolk of Straker’s Crossing and departs the town after tending to Chopper.

On the way back to New Larkholm, a sniper ambushes the group. Using a mechanikally silenced rifle, he takes a potshot at Sebastian and continues to engage the others. Eventually, Sebastian and Razzit are able to corner him and force him to flee, but not before mentioning a bounty on their heads. Mouse gives pursuit, but the sniper eludes him. The elf does recall seeing their assailant in the Four Star Syndicate base in Five Fingers however.

The rest of the journey to New Larkholm is fortunately uneventful. Ryovin is able to secure a new warjack chassis. Five Fingers now awaits, including the question of the bounty.



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