The Warhorn's Call

Chapter 9: The Rhul of Law, Part 2

The Trolls prove to be a tough fight, one of them dealing significant damage to Harvester. Eventually the group gangs up and puts them down. From there, they quickly traverse the rest of the Glimmerwood and break out into the plains beyond. A Skorne encampment lies beyond, but they skillfully avoid it,

Once at the border into Ios, Mouse hears a strange bird call as the group camps. There should be no Ishylar Finches in the area, but one repeated calls out. Mouse takes this a sign of an impending attack. No attack comes, but during Mouse’s watch that night, a crossbow bolt finds its way into his bedroll. A message attached beckons him to come forward.

Hiding in the trees not far north of the camp, a number of Iosans are waiting for him…



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