The Warhorn's Call

Chapter 7: The High Captain's Rage, Part 1

The group arrives at Five Fingers, and first checks Blaggard’s Manse for clues about the bounty on their heads. Razzit finds a burly mercenary and engages him in conversation, but the man doesn’t seem to know much beyond the fact that Jannish Riordan is not a man to be trifled with. It seems like a dead-end, so they split up and search the city for other leads.

Razzit encounters a gobber vendor on Chaser island that tells him in five-cant to return at night, alone. Mouse makes contact with a mysterious stranger through a beggar on Hospice Island who instructs him to meet at the bridge to Captain’s Island at midnight.

At night, Razzit, with Ryovin and Sebastian standing guard nearby, meets the gobber. He leads Razzit down into a secret meeting area, part tavern, part gambling den, and part black market, for gobbers only. Inquiring about the bounties, he finds that High Captain Riordan has put a 100,000 gold crown bounty for Arman’s head, and a 20,000 crown bounty on each of them. He quickly leaves with this news.

Mouse, with Zarael, meet up with the stranger and follow him to a townhouse on Captain’s island. They both notice something moving on the roof of a nearby building, and quickly an ambush reveals itself. Zarael is chased off and badly injured, with Chopper falling into the basement of a neighboring house. Mouse is less lucky, and ends up captured by the cutthroats and thugs attacking him. Zarael returns to the others with the bad news, leaving the remaining members of the group with a terrible dilemma.



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