The Warhorn's Call

Chapter 6: Dead Gobbers Tell No Tales, Part 2

The group makes their way to the town of Straker’s Crossing and find it empty and deserted. They catch sight of some sort of apparition, but lose it just as quickly as it appeared. However, Mouse spots signs of life inside in one of the houses. Inside, weary and starving, is a woman and her two sons. The ghosts outside have forced them to stay inside, as they claim the lives of anyone who ventures outside, including her husband. The troubles started two months prior, and have only gotten worse leaving the townspeople paralyzed by fear and trapped.

After giving the family some food, the group heads further up towards where Fleck’s workshop was indicated. As they make their way through the eerily silent town, something starts bubbling up in the nearby pond. An amphibious Cryxian warjack emerges from the pond and attacks! Although its claw is vicious, it is eventually destroyed. Ryovin senses a warcaster nearby however, how escapes unseen.

Fleck’s workshop is abandoned but there are signs of a struggle. The group continues to investigate the town, and soon finds themselves face to face with a pair of menacing ghostly figures.



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