The Warhorn's Call

Chapter 3: Port of Deceit Part 3

Chasing the escaping sorcerer through the South Shore settlement, the group does not let up. They eventually corner him in the docks before he can make his escape, and capture him. Once brought back to Crane Island, they hand him over to Galvani Orson at the Four Star Syndicate and collect their pay. Now members of the Syndicate, they inquire about any connection to Davin and his possible presence in the city.

Although that turns up a negative, someone else offers a possibility. They encounter High Captain Banek Hurley. Grateful to have a lead on the Thamarites operating in the city, he offers the name of Oric Valen in return. Valen is an information broker in the city, and if anyone knows about Davin, it is him.

The group sets out to meet Oric, only to be ambushed in a narrow street on the way. Although they defeat most of the would-be assassins, they also come face to face with a ghost from the past: Arman Torez is amongst the attacks.



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