The Warhorn's Call

Chapter 2: Answers in Ice Part 5

After the last battle everyone relocated, but without Zarael to aid their efforts in masking their presence the group is discovered again, once more by the Nyss like creatures. Beings more closely resembling the winter elves but with the same cold, dead stares of the Striders approach with swords drawn. A sorcerer leads the attacking party, and they rush in to beset the group. After a few close calls and risky tactics, the Nyss are defeated soundly.

Returning to their original hiding spot the next day, the group finds the area picked clean of the attacking Striders. Only a few patches of blood remain to show that the battle even took place. All seems well then until a Khadoran search party stumbles upon, including a small cadre of the feared Iron Fang Pikemen. After a long struggle the search party is defeated, although it is becoming quite clear that the group’s presence in the area is known, and the efforts to locate and pacify them are only increasing.

Shortly thereafter, Zarael returns, bearing her bad news. Faced with the prospect of giving up their means of travel and steamjack fueling or conducting a daring raid on a Khadoran military barracks, the group ponders their next move…



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