The Warhorn's Call

Chapter 9: The Rhul of Law, Part 7

Ryovin turns the tables and attempts to attack Lylth, Everblight’s Herald, thrusting the group into a deadly battle. They come out on top, however, even though Lylth is able to retreat. She swears D’Avangelo will be the ruin of them all, and retreats into the wilderness. Injured and with damaged steamjacks, they return to the Quarry camp to repair and recuperate. Dargen is gone though, and all that remains there of him or the miner prisoners is blood.

Resting in the miner’s quarters, a rumbling noise gets Sebastian’s attention as he is on first watch. Two giant, winged dragonspawn come over the mountains towards the Quarry. The group flees, but soon find themselves pursued by the dragonspawn. They breathe fire at the wagon, damaging it and ruining the road ahead, but the group is able to navigate around the obstacles. One of them even gets a hold of the wagon, only to be forced back by Razzit’s knives.

The other dragonspawn lands in front of a mountain pass ahead and breathes more fire at the wagon. Despite their best efforts, the wagon loses control…..

Chapter 9: The Rhul of Law, Part 6

The group finds the unarmed (literally) Wroughthammer Rockram, and its arm and hammer. As well, a lone dwarf is found hiding in the workshop. Dagren witnessed the quarry being bought out by D’Avangelo, and the coming of the Nyss and their beasts. Interestingly, D’Avangelo seemed to have routed the Nyss before he left.

Searching the rest of the site, two of the mine shafts yield nothing, while the third contains an active dig. Two Nyss swordsmen are overseeing a group of dwarves and a steamjack as they dig and drill. They are easily defeated, and the dwarves taken captive. They are unresponsive to questioning, and seem be completely enthralled. They are left with Dagren, and the group advances on.

Past an old quarry pit is a new dig, where Dagren had mentioned worthless stone was dug up for no foreseeable purpose. There a number of twisted creatures are waiting, under the control of a Nyss woman with eyes hidden underneath a helmet. She asks the group about D’Avangelo whereabouts, before another voice speaking through her compels them to join it.

They are in fact talking to the dragon Ethranbul, or Everblight, through one of its lieutenants. It offers gifts and powers in exchange for fealty. Ryovin seemingly agrees and surrenders his weapons to Razzit. All is not quite as it seems, though….

Chapter 9: The Rhul of Law, Part 5

The group meets their contact, Throm Gorrum, a curmudgeonly man who hides his face behind a mask. He tells, begrudingly, of what has gone on in the town of Kuggrun. A man matching D’Avangelo’s description and using an old alias of his passed through a few weeks ago, accompanied by strange armoured figures. He bought out the Quarry with ingots of pure platinum and took over the excavation. The former own, Johrn Grummond, ran off to Ghord with the money. Shortly there after, Dragonspawn began terrorizing the area and many people reported seeing winter elves in the forests.

Zarael talks to some local dwarves and learns that anyone leaving towards the Quarry recently has been killed or simply disappeared. With grim resolve, the group heads out towards the Quarry. On the road towards it, they encounter a broken-down wagon and two travelers beside it. Approaching with caution, Sebastian goes forward to offer them assistance. The travelers turn on him, revealing themselves to be Nyss swordsmen while Nyss Striders ambush from the sides. A Seraph, a dragonspawned warbbeast swoops into the fray as well, pursuing marking blight on Sebastian. After a tough fight they are defeated and one of the Striders is captured, although he gives up nothing but blank stares.

The group finds the Quarry site empty. First they find a letter left by Johrn in a cottage, addressed to his love, Loriel. Other buildings contain tools of the trade, while Razzit sneaks into a blacksmith and workshop, coming face to face with a unactive Rhulic steamjack.

Chapter 9: The Rhul of Law, Part 4

The group avoids the bridge, traveling west instead. A lone mage hunter spots them but is able to escape. Next they encounter a watchtower guarding a crossroads, and Mouse and Razzit are able to stealthily neutralize it and cover their tracks. Traveling north, the road becomes decrepit before they rest just outside Issyrah. The night is oddly quiet and unsettling one.

The next day, they enter the city and come across the ruined and collapsed core of the city, and the skeleton of a dragon. Some is watching; Mouse chases them down and reveals it to be a frail, old Iosan man. He begs for mercy and implores the group to visit his master. They eventually agree, coming to an old bureaucratic building in a relatively undamaged quarter of the city, the group meets the deathly visage of Thouryn, priest of Aisyla. He begs them to tell him their tales and give him some portent from the Goddess.

After they spend the day telling their stories, Thouryn. recounts his own. He, before the fall of the city, witnessed first hand the corruption of the priests by the Dragon Ethranbul. He resisted, but was helpless when the Dragon was discovered and laid waste to the city. To save himself, he used dark, forbidden knowledge to curse himself into a state of undeath and continue as an Eldritch.

Leaving Issyrah, the group continues north and manages to escape the borders of Ios. Inside the safety of Rhul, they make good time to Horgenhold Fortress. Using the paperwork Major Klein gave them, they are able to enter without trouble. The facilities there are put to good use, repairing and rearming.

Their contact awaits, not much further on.

Chapter 9: The Rhul of Law, Part 3

Mouse has a tense but brief conversation with a Mage Hunter called Lyris, who delivers some instructions from a “shared superior”. She also warns of an approaching patrol of many Iosan Houseguard soldiers. Mouse takes the instructions and wakes up the rest of the group early, to move out immediately.

Around midday, a small group of Iosan soldiers is discovered by Razzit. They are attempting to but not quite succeeding in tracking the group’s wagon. Razzit uses a knock-out grenade to incapacitate most of them and attempts to scare the remaining two into submission. One runs for it while the other tries to reach for a horn. Razzit eventually runs them both through, after chasing down the runner.

The four survivors are questioned via Mouse, but produce no useful intelligence. After permanently silencing them, the group continues on its way, as quickly as possible. Nearing dusk, a gorge blocks the way. A bridge is nearby, but Mouse spots a large contingent of Houseguard soldiers and a Myrmidon camped out in front of it. The only way is through…. or is it?

Chapter 9: The Rhul of Law, Part 2

The Trolls prove to be a tough fight, one of them dealing significant damage to Harvester. Eventually the group gangs up and puts them down. From there, they quickly traverse the rest of the Glimmerwood and break out into the plains beyond. A Skorne encampment lies beyond, but they skillfully avoid it,

Once at the border into Ios, Mouse hears a strange bird call as the group camps. There should be no Ishylar Finches in the area, but one repeated calls out. Mouse takes this a sign of an impending attack. No attack comes, but during Mouse’s watch that night, a crossbow bolt finds its way into his bedroll. A message attached beckons him to come forward.

Hiding in the trees not far north of the camp, a number of Iosans are waiting for him…

Chapter 9: The Rhul of Law, Part 1

Major Klein explains to the group that D’Avangelo has been sighted in Rhul, operating near a quarry in the west. Dragonspawn and death followed in his wake, and the true nature of what happened must be known. Klein gives them the name ‘Thorm Gorrum’ as a contact near the quarry. Gaining access to the quarry will not be easy.

The group sails up to Corvis on the steamboat carrying the intelligence from the Greylord base. From there, they strike out to the North-East, seeking to cut through Ios. Assuming they can get through the closed borders of the Elven nation. The first few days go well, with out incident and making better than average progress.

On the Fourth day however, Mouse hears a distant roar on the trail ahead. Razzit and he sneak forward to investigate, and find two massive trolls fighting over the meat of a herd of slaughtered deer. Sneaking around is not an option, so the only way through is straight into the trolls.

Chapter 8: A Frosty Reception, Finale

The group finds the Greylord’s fortress. Caine begins his distraction attack on the front gates, pulling away guards from the side entrance. After fighting through some winter guard and towering Man-o-War troops, they enter the fortress and begin searching it for Sloane and Danov. The keep in the middle turns up nothing, except a staircase downwards.

Down in rough cut tunnels beneath the fortress are Orgoth ruins, full of leering grotesques and disconcerting silence. Down there the Greylords and their Doomreaver minions make their lair. After several tough fights and frosty ambushes, the group finally makes it to their goal.

Koldun Lord Iosef Danov awaits them, packing up papers behind a thick wall of magical ice. He is accompanied by a Devastator warjack, Grisvul bearing a cursed Orgoth Fellbow. and Sloane. She is in rough shape, bearing a collar of ice holding a terrible wound close. Danov attempts to use her life to negotiate his escape, but Mouse has none of it. The wrath of the Koldun Lord shows itself.

After a ferocious battle, Danov is defeated. He swears that there are others, but his death is the last of him. Major Klein shows up some time later with another force, and they proceed to strip the fortress of any useful items before demolishing it. Returning to Point Bourne, Klein asks for the group to continue working with him and the CRS.

There’s trouble in the Dwarven land of Rhul, and there may be draconic involvement.

Chapter 8: A Frosty Reception, Part 1

Major Klein begins discussing the circumstances that brought him into the open. Arman is brought in as well. Davin gets angry and Razzit drunk as he continues, until Rachssen breaks. He gets into an argument with Klein and his past spills out. He fought during the Scharde invasions, alongside the deposed king of Cygnar, Vinter Raelthorne IV. Davin still holds him up as symbol of Cygnaran strength, and detests the rule of his brother, Leto.

Outside, Ryovin, Mouse and Caine share some tense moments and harsh words.

Eventually, Major Klein turns the conversation towards his true motive: determining if Ryovin will turn against his masters and his country. The consensus is unsure but positive. Ryovin and Mouse are brought in, and the offer is made. Ryovin reveals his dishonor at refusing an order to harm civilians. Klein is convinced, enough to reveal his true goal: Danov.

Major Klein has already ordered all of Danov’s agents, that he is aware of, killed. This puts them on the clock to save Sloane, but Klein knows where Danov is and where he is keeping her. A Greylords fortress, built on Orgoth ruins, sits to the north in the Thornwood. Together with Captain Caine, Klein and the group begin to plan their assault on it.

Chapter 7: The High Captain's Rage, Finale

After a short rest, the group searches the compound. Ryovin stumbles upon the rest of the soldiers and Riordan, while Mouse sneakily observes them. A battle ensues, resulting in Harvester taking heavy damage. Fortunately, Mouse is able to sneak up on Riordan and hold the him hostage. The High Captain does not just accept this fate, and attempts to stab Mouse with a hidden shiv. A slash of the throat ends this quickly, and the Mercenaries, part of a Steelheads company, immediately cease fighting now that their pay day is dead.

After looting the compound, the group takes a break to purchase new weapons and repair their steamjacks. Once that is done, it is back to Point Bourne to give Davin the sad news about Fleck.

Back at the Silver Sword, Davin is waiting with Rokaran. He has good news about Gilda and Stavery and is sad to hear of the gobber’s Fate. Mouse notices, however, that once again the same people are filling the tavern. When Davin gets cagey about this fact, one of the patrons runs to the back. Davin urges everyone to remain calm, when the windows are broken and smoke grenades are tossed in. Soon, Trencher Commandos have surrounded the Tavern, and a warcaster is nearby.

A man calmly walks forward and takes a seat at Davin’s table. He reveals himself as Major Klein, the man who was assisting General Terswell earlier. Klein works for the Cygnar Reconnaissance Service, and has a great deal to talk about…. once Ryovin is removed from the premises and in the hands of the warcaster, Captain Caine.


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