The Warhorn's Call

Chapter 4: The Trial of Kasilla Tandross Part 2

Mouse discovers the woman in the windmill, Shelly Stachorn, is the owner of it. After some investigation and the liberal application of guilt, she admits that she is addicted to bitterleaf-extract and that the windmill is inoperable due to a lack of maintenance. The money that should have gone to upkeep was instead spent on the extract, and when the town began blaming their ills on Kalissa, Shelly joined in to hide her addiction. Mouse is able to convince her to tell the truth at the trial.

Next on the stand is Logan Montague, the town’s mortician and undertaker. He testifies that he heard something down in the mortuary late one night. When he went to investigate, he claims to have clearly seen Kalissa carving something into a body, and then see it rise. He was attacked by the risen while she escaped he said, and while he was finally able to subdue it with a bonesaw, the undead scarred him.

In the midst of this trial, Sebastian notes some odd behavior from Kasilla. After much prodding, she admits to having a tryst with Enton the priest, and offers it as an explanation for her persecution.

Marton Denners, the town blacksmith, angrily accuses Kasilla of cursing his tools and ruining his work. He presents pieces of his work, of terrible quality, and the tools he used which appear to be fine. He unhappily agrees to allow Zarael to use them the next day to smith some equipment.

Finally, the Mayor, Ronnil Bouyford, testifies himself about his daughter. Elane was once a joyous young woman he says, but after Kasilla came to town she became rebellious and uninterested in marriage. He says Elane would sneak away at night and spend a lot of time with Kasilla. Later on Kasilla admits that Elane would sneak away to try and get her attentions, but denies any form of enchantment or relationship.

After the trial winds down, the group splits up to try to tie up some loose ends. Mouse informs Enton of Elane’s motivations, and Zarael and Sebastian talk to Marton. Ryovin and Razzit pay a visit to Erich and Victor’s house, wishing to have a closer look at the boy. Erich is pensive, but lets them in. Once inside, Razzit spots a number of wine bottles. On closer inspection, (after Ryovin “persuades” Erich to leave the room) Victor is bad bruised, obviously been repeatedly beaten. The two seize the boy and take him back to the inn to inform the group…. and the town.

Chapter 4: The Trial of Kasilla Tandross Part 1

The group frees Kasilla from the stake and quickly makes tracks back to the Dragon’s Tongue river to flee. They encounter a trapper along the way, who upon spotting Kasilla runs back to the town crying that “the witch is free.” The townsfolk of Renford have accused her of being a witch and were attempt to extract a confession. The group makes it back to the steamer they came in on, although the captain of it seems less than enthused about the situation. After questioning a merchant from the town, the group attempts to flee into the forest.

They are tracked down by the locals (led by Mayor Ronnil Buoyford) however, who promise to fight them to the death to prevent the “witch” from escaping. Enton Sawlwick, the town’s Menite priest, offers a comprise: a trial to prove whether or not Kasilla is a witch. Sway the town, and she lives. Fail, they will do everything it takes to exact retribution on her, body and soul.

After forcing the mayor to cover the costs of staying in the town (and making the innkeep less than happy) the trial begins the next morning. First on the stand is Martha Devlin, who is sure Kasilla poisoned the well and made her son sick, although her supposition is far from conclusive. Jonn Axleton, the town crier is up next, and he describes seeing and hearing unnatural noises and lights in the woods while on the way home from the tavern. Immediately afterwards, he swears he saw Kasilla come in from the woods near the windmill.

Next, Victor Menart, a young boy, is forced to take the stand. Although always shy, after Kasilla came to town he became increasingly withdrawn and eventually entirely anti-social and mute. His father Erich believes Kasilla has taken his soul. The accusations causes such outrage a recess is called by the mayor.

Meanwhile, Mouse has snuck off towards the windmill after hearing Axleton’s testamony. A haggard woman with bleary eyes tries to ambush him inside, but falters after meeting the barrel of his pistol. Who she is, remains to be seen….

Chapter 3: Port of Deceit Finale

Returning to Valen with the information about the safe’s contents, the group manages to impress the information broker, particularly the detail Mouse is able to provide. Valen returns the favour, informing them that a man closely matching Davin’s description had been seen in several towns along the Dragon’s Tongue river between Five Fingers and Point Bourne. Zareal also asks about Koren D’Avangelo; Oric Valen has nothing recent on the man, but does know of a former associate who is in Five Fingers.

It being late, the group takes a rest at an Inn on Captain’s Island. In the morning, they come down to the dining hall to find someone with an interest in them. A tough-looking man of Khadoran descent picks them out from the crowd. Eventually they are introduced: he is Ryovin, a member of Khador’s military sent by Koldun Lord Danov to help out and keep an eye on the group. Reluctantly, they agree to bring him with.

They next head to the contact: Makryn Solisc. He was an alchemist in the Order of the Golden Crucible with D’Avangelo, and the closest thing to a friend the man had. They were young, ambitious alchemists and inventors once but eventually left the Order to pursue endeavors out beyond its control. D’Avangelo was largely inscrutable, but Solisc recalled how he liked to take trips to the mountainous regions of Cygnar as a youth and be on top of the world. Where D’Avangelo was now he had no idea, although he recalled one of their instructors, Olivia Terantor, being fond of him. Her whereabouts have been a mystery since the fall of Llael, however.

With this knowledge in hand, the group finds passage on a river steamer to Renford, the first town where Davin might be. On the road into town, they spot a clearing off to the side with a large stake stuck erect in the middle. Tied to it is a woman; on closer inspection, none other than Kasilla Tandross. She greets them as friendly as is possible given her predicament, whatever that might be….

The Enigma of D’Avangelo Clue Acquired: #1: The Mountains

Chapter 3: Port of Deceit Part 5

With their mark established, the group makes their advance. Mouse heads up to the roofs while Razzit investigates a back alley. Sebastian and Zarael, with Chopper in tow, assualt the front door. Using the distraction, Mouse makes his way over to the roof of the house while Razzit creates his own commotion at the rear with a cinder bomb.

After some hard fighting, Sebastian and Zarael pull back while faking a robbery. Razzit eventually makes his way inside after dispatching a guard and uses the dumbwaiter to ascend. Mouse drops down right in front of the house’s owner and an attendant guard. After some tense words, Mouse manages to convince him (at least for the moment) that he is testing the security. The home owner appears rather conerned about that, and invites him into the office on the third floor.

Razzit sneaks his way up to the third floor, ambushing a guard when Mouse abandons the rouse. Pistol-whipping the home owner into submission, he access the safe and discovers its contents. Ignoring the coin purses inside, he learns that the other contents of the safe are relatively fresh human skulls. With that, leaving the implications of later, he and Razzit exfiltrate and meet up with the others. The task is complete, despite the death toll. But why the skulls?

Chapter 3: Port of Deceit Part 4

Zarael fakes killing Arman, and after the other thugs flee he leads the group to a secluded room in a nearby gambling den. He explains that he ended up deep in debt from gambling, and is essentially indentured in the service of High Captain Jannish Riordan, rival of Banek Hurley. After the meeting at the Four Star Sydnicate, Arman and the thugs were dispatched to kill the group. Arman knows not why, although recently there has been interest in his former associates.

Pretending to keep Arman as a prisoner, the group continues on to meet Oric Valen. The information broker takes precautions evidently, pretending to be his own butler and keeping his house well observed. He has information on Davin, but it does not come cheap. He is willing to trade however. Oric has a client who needs to know what is inside a safe on the third floor of a house in a nearby neighborhood. The combination to the safe is 0451, but it is unknown which house it is.

Studying the area, Mouse narrows down the possibilities: only a few houses have the third floor windows barred and keep the lights on at night. Razzit provides an alchemical distraction, and a well-armed guard emerges from one of those houses. Having their mark, the group prepares to infiltrate…

Chapter 3: Port of Deceit Part 3

Chasing the escaping sorcerer through the South Shore settlement, the group does not let up. They eventually corner him in the docks before he can make his escape, and capture him. Once brought back to Crane Island, they hand him over to Galvani Orson at the Four Star Syndicate and collect their pay. Now members of the Syndicate, they inquire about any connection to Davin and his possible presence in the city.

Although that turns up a negative, someone else offers a possibility. They encounter High Captain Banek Hurley. Grateful to have a lead on the Thamarites operating in the city, he offers the name of Oric Valen in return. Valen is an information broker in the city, and if anyone knows about Davin, it is him.

The group sets out to meet Oric, only to be ambushed in a narrow street on the way. Although they defeat most of the would-be assassins, they also come face to face with a ghost from the past: Arman Torez is amongst the attacks.

Chapter 3: Port of Deceit Part 2

Mouse finds a note tied to a crossbow bolt outside the window. He reads it and quickly burns it. What it said, he does not share. The night passes uneventfully.

In the morning, the group finds more reliable transportation to Crane Island in the form of a fishing boat. Once there, they find their way to the base of operations for the Four Star Syndicate. A man named Galvani Orson, a scarred old fighter, greets them. When asked about Davin, all he does is point the group to the job board and tell them that information is for Syndicate members.

Of the jobs, the least distasteful that the group can manage is to stop some grave-robbers. Bodies have been going missing on a regular basis at a cemetery on the shores just south of Five Fingers, and the Morrowan priests and High Captains are equally concerned. The group signs up for it and heads out to ambush the grave-robbers.

Near midnight at the cemetery, the robbers approach. A mighty female Trollkin warrior breaks open the chains on the gate, and a human rifleman and a man with a crossbow enter with some thugs. The group springs their trap once they start digging, and defeat most of the grave-robbers. The crossbow-wielding man reveals himself as an arcanist of some kind, and eventually flees by leaving a wall of fire in his wake. The group pursues him back towards Five Fingers…

Chapter 3: Port of Deceit Part 1

The group arrives in the city of Five Fingers, the infamous pirate port. Immediately they are given a rude introduction to the city when a bunch of ragamuffin youth offer to be their guides while they attempt to pickpocket the group. After catching the youths and scaring them off, the group heads off to find a lodging and base of operations. The Drunken Fish, a fisherman’s inn and tavern on Doleth island fills this need.

Next they resolve to seek out Davin, or at least information on him. Crane island, with its numerous mercenary strongholds and bases seems like a good start. After some false starts, they find passage with Captain Morel and his ship, the Wandering Eel. After some fiddling down below decks, he welcomes the group aboard and they set out once his crew returns.

Approaching Crane Island, Morel suddenly comments that the tide is too low and changes their course. they head south of Five Fingers and find the coast of Cygnar. At a rough stone dock, they come in. There are signs of activity in land, and before long a group of tough looking Trollkin warriors make their way up to the ship. After some tense negotiation over payment and product, Morel pulls a pistol on the Trollkin and starts a fight. Unfortunately for him, the group does not join in and the Trollkin soundly defeat the sailors. They take what they were after: kegs of blasting powder smuggled by Morel.

The group is left on a boat they cannot sail away from the city, and have to trudge back by land and ferry to get back to the Drunken Fish. Just as they are about to call it a night, Mouse hears a thunking sound outside the window….

Chapter 2: Answers in Ice Part Finale

Sebastian reveals his deal with Koldun Lord Iosef Danov to the others, including Grisvul. Grisvul shares his own deal with the devil: his love, Tanya, is being held hostage by the Greylord’s Prikaz Chancellery. As long as he cooperates, she will not be put into deadly battles. It was he who told them about Larslov amongst other information.

Danov returns with new “gifts”. He considers himself an equal investor in their success, despite what he has done. Weapons are provided to the group to arm themselves for the battles ahead, as well as a writ of passage, signed by the Great Vizier to the Empress herself Simonyev Blaustavya, that allows them free passage through Khador for a limited time. With that, they are loaded onto a train sent south to Volningrad.

Departing due South from Volningrad, the group quickly travels overland towards Ord. Coming across the border town of Boarsgate, they are treated with hostility at first. Once they explain themselves though, the town opens up. There is no love for Khador here, or the man simply called ‘The Butcher’ who massacred many there years ago. After resting a spell there, the group continues south to Five Fingers. Somewhere along the Dragon’s Tongue river, Davin, Rokaran and Kasilla are to be found.

Chapter 2: Answers in Ice Part 6

Faced with increasing opposition and tough fights to either get back their wagon or break into the Khardstadt to find Grisvul, the group decides to take the fight to the khadorans and attempt to weaken the garrison forces. Their first attack goes successfully, taking out a group of guards from the Khardstadt on patrol in the vicinity.

The second goes less well. In their attempt to hunt down another such party of Khardstadt guards, the group runs into a unit of Iron Fang Pikemen. The Indomitable charge forth and bring down the group, but opt to capture rather than kill them. After a haze of time and vague awareness, they each wake up in individual windowless cells, chained to the walls. One by one they are taken for interrogation.

Mouse is first to be interrogated, by an elder member of the Greylords. He asks some pointed question about Koren D’Avangelo and Davin Rachssen, but definitely knows more then he lets on. Razzit and Zarael are similarly interrogated. Sebastian is taken to a different locale: at the back of the grand chamber, a strange stone block is covered with frost and intricate carvings.

He has no time to wonder about its origins though, as the Greylord introduces himself. Koldun Lord Iosef Danov has a keen interest in the group and D’Avangelo; he reveals that D’Avangelo is in possession of a powerful device, believed to be a weapon. It was likely that which Rachssen’s Pike’s escorted out of Llael on the eve of the Khadoran invasion. All the major powers in Immoren are now seeking D’Avangelo and his weapon, and the former members of Rachssen’s Pikes are the last to see him.

Danov gives Sebastian a choice: find the device for Khador and he will let a number of prisoners of war go free, or refuse and watch them be executed in front of him. After some tense negotiations, Danov agrees to let his prisoners go in exchange for keeping Sloane as his insurance. His deal with the devil complete, Sebastian is reunited with the rest of the group, and surprisingly, Grisvul…


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