The Warhorn's Call

Chapter 8: A Frosty Reception, Part 1

Major Klein begins discussing the circumstances that brought him into the open. Arman is brought in as well. Davin gets angry and Razzit drunk as he continues, until Rachssen breaks. He gets into an argument with Klein and his past spills out. He fought during the Scharde invasions, alongside the deposed king of Cygnar, Vinter Raelthorne IV. Davin still holds him up as symbol of Cygnaran strength, and detests the rule of his brother, Leto.

Outside, Ryovin, Mouse and Caine share some tense moments and harsh words.

Eventually, Major Klein turns the conversation towards his true motive: determining if Ryovin will turn against his masters and his country. The consensus is unsure but positive. Ryovin and Mouse are brought in, and the offer is made. Ryovin reveals his dishonor at refusing an order to harm civilians. Klein is convinced, enough to reveal his true goal: Danov.

Major Klein has already ordered all of Danov’s agents, that he is aware of, killed. This puts them on the clock to save Sloane, but Klein knows where Danov is and where he is keeping her. A Greylords fortress, built on Orgoth ruins, sits to the north in the Thornwood. Together with Captain Caine, Klein and the group begin to plan their assault on it.

Chapter 7: The High Captain's Rage, Finale

After a short rest, the group searches the compound. Ryovin stumbles upon the rest of the soldiers and Riordan, while Mouse sneakily observes them. A battle ensues, resulting in Harvester taking heavy damage. Fortunately, Mouse is able to sneak up on Riordan and hold the him hostage. The High Captain does not just accept this fate, and attempts to stab Mouse with a hidden shiv. A slash of the throat ends this quickly, and the Mercenaries, part of a Steelheads company, immediately cease fighting now that their pay day is dead.

After looting the compound, the group takes a break to purchase new weapons and repair their steamjacks. Once that is done, it is back to Point Bourne to give Davin the sad news about Fleck.

Back at the Silver Sword, Davin is waiting with Rokaran. He has good news about Gilda and Stavery and is sad to hear of the gobber’s Fate. Mouse notices, however, that once again the same people are filling the tavern. When Davin gets cagey about this fact, one of the patrons runs to the back. Davin urges everyone to remain calm, when the windows are broken and smoke grenades are tossed in. Soon, Trencher Commandos have surrounded the Tavern, and a warcaster is nearby.

A man calmly walks forward and takes a seat at Davin’s table. He reveals himself as Major Klein, the man who was assisting General Terswell earlier. Klein works for the Cygnar Reconnaissance Service, and has a great deal to talk about…. once Ryovin is removed from the premises and in the hands of the warcaster, Captain Caine.

Chapter 7: The High Captain's Rage, Part 4

Mouse attempts a daring escape, breaking his bonds and stabbing one of Riordan’s cutthroats with the Iosan stiletto. He outwits Riordan’s henchman and nearly escapes, but is forced up to the roof and injures himself jumping down. Before he can flee into the city, Horsemen chase him down and drag Mouse back to his cell.

Riordan has a final method of torture; the High Captain’s toughs bring in a metal case with a time-delayed lock. They leave and when the case opens, a black obsidian skull stares at Mouse. He finds himself unable to look away as maddened whispers pervade the room. The only thing that breaks up the endless madness is a loud crash coming from another part of the building. Perhaps help has arrived?

The rest of the group fighter their way through Riordan’s men and a large number of hired soldiers. They put up a good fight, but they cannot stand up to a band of mighty heroes and especially a warcaster and warjack. Eventually, they are able to fight their way to Mouse as he is being dragged away and free him (with some help from Mouse and his Stiletto).

Riordan himself is not there, but he could not have gone far. The time for an end to his dogged pursuit of Arman is at hand.

Chapter 7: The High Captain's Rage, Part 3

Sebastian, Ryovin, Zarael and Razzit begin the task of interrogating their prisoner. With the add of some persuasion elixir from Razzit, the man is willing to talk. He mentions passing Mouse off to some tough thugs who were obviously well paid but deadly serious. The group also manages to squeeze a description of his boss, Leon, out of the man. He meets his end at Razzit’s blades soon after, though.

Meanwhile, Mouse is tortured by a Gobber at the behest of none other than Jannish Riordan himself. The High Captain makes his interest clear: he wants Arman Torez, nothing more. After some long grueling hours of interrogation, including the application of a truth elixir, all Mouse has spilled is meaningless memories of Arman. The tortures become more cruel, but Mouse holds fast. After a while, Riordan gives up and replaces the torture with a clockwork device that simply generates a terrible noise to keep Mouse awake.

Before Riordan returns to continue the torture, an Iosan servant woman comes in to give Mouse some sustenance. At the same time, she loosens his bonds, and slips him a long, thin metal object wrapped with a piece of parchment. She wishes him good luck and then leaves….

Meanwhile, the rest go after Leon. Sebastian spots him at the Three Irons tavern on Bellows Island. Ryovin manages to get a word in past Leon’s Trollkin bodyguard, and after some “convincing” he is willing to lead the group to Mouse. Leon brings them to a warehouse-type building on Hospice island by the docks. Deciding on Action over subterfuge, Harvester bashes down the front doors….

Chapter 7: The High Captain's Rage, Part 2

The group learns the next morning that Mouse is due to be executed in three days after being summarily convicted of arson and murder. They decided to first investigate by returning to the scene of the ambush, only to be ambushed again by stragglers. Cutthroat scoundrels and Trollkin fend off Sebastian and Razzit, only to flee once the building is set ablaze.

Chopper is nearly reduced to slag after falling through the floor of the decrepit house, but at least Ryovin was able to force one of the cutthroats to surrender. Perhaps he knows something of use, because the clock is ticking…..

Chapter 7: The High Captain's Rage, Part 1

The group arrives at Five Fingers, and first checks Blaggard’s Manse for clues about the bounty on their heads. Razzit finds a burly mercenary and engages him in conversation, but the man doesn’t seem to know much beyond the fact that Jannish Riordan is not a man to be trifled with. It seems like a dead-end, so they split up and search the city for other leads.

Razzit encounters a gobber vendor on Chaser island that tells him in five-cant to return at night, alone. Mouse makes contact with a mysterious stranger through a beggar on Hospice Island who instructs him to meet at the bridge to Captain’s Island at midnight.

At night, Razzit, with Ryovin and Sebastian standing guard nearby, meets the gobber. He leads Razzit down into a secret meeting area, part tavern, part gambling den, and part black market, for gobbers only. Inquiring about the bounties, he finds that High Captain Riordan has put a 100,000 gold crown bounty for Arman’s head, and a 20,000 crown bounty on each of them. He quickly leaves with this news.

Mouse, with Zarael, meet up with the stranger and follow him to a townhouse on Captain’s island. They both notice something moving on the roof of a nearby building, and quickly an ambush reveals itself. Zarael is chased off and badly injured, with Chopper falling into the basement of a neighboring house. Mouse is less lucky, and ends up captured by the cutthroats and thugs attacking him. Zarael returns to the others with the bad news, leaving the remaining members of the group with a terrible dilemma.

Interlude: The Sniper

The group encounters the necro-surgeon Sarkinine in the caves. He is less than helpful or forthcoming, but also seems unmoved by the death of his master, Dar Kallsius. The group leaves him to work on the remains of the townsfolk of Straker’s Crossing and departs the town after tending to Chopper.

On the way back to New Larkholm, a sniper ambushes the group. Using a mechanikally silenced rifle, he takes a potshot at Sebastian and continues to engage the others. Eventually, Sebastian and Razzit are able to corner him and force him to flee, but not before mentioning a bounty on their heads. Mouse gives pursuit, but the sniper eludes him. The elf does recall seeing their assailant in the Four Star Syndicate base in Five Fingers however.

The rest of the journey to New Larkholm is fortunately uneventful. Ryovin is able to secure a new warjack chassis. Five Fingers now awaits, including the question of the bounty.

Chapter 6: Dead Gobbers Tell No Tales, Finale

Beneath the old building is a large network of caves, including an improvised maintenance area for the Cryxian warjacks that have terrorized the town. Further down into the cave is an ancient crypt. Finally the group spots light ahead.

In a large chamber, a pallid man in warcaster works away on a necromantic device while his warjacks keep guard. Spines and skull of the townsfolk festoon the room like terrifying decorations. The warcaster introduces himself as Dar Kallsius, and battle is soon joined. After a long and difficult battle that costs Harvester’s mechanikal life, he is defeated.

This just serves to summon his master. A tall metallic figure with a shifting mosaic-like face appears from the shadows and introduces himself as Lich Lord Malathrax, Cryx’s spymaster. Congratulating the group and chastising Kallsius for his defeat, he offers them employment, and the “gift” of immortality in return for helping Cryx track down D’Avangelo. Everyone refuses the generous offer, and before Malathrax melts back into the shadows they find the skull of Fleck attached to the ghastly machine Dar Kallsius was working on.

Hurt, down a steamjack and with the old companion dead, they are left to pick up the pieces and find another path.

Chapter 6: Dead Gobbers Tell No Tales, Part 3

The ghosts confronting our heroes turn out to be deadly pistol wraiths, incorporeal assassins only Ryovin’s arcane powers are effective against. More Cryxian warjacks soon ambush the rest of the group too, and they enter a desperate fight for their life. Ryovin barely defeats the wraiths while the rest make short work of the warjacks. The warcaster controlling them again makes his presence known through proximity and arced spells, but he remains elusive.

After taking a few moments to rest after putting down the Cryxian horrors, the group explores the village and eventually zeroes in on an abandoned stone building to the north. Ryovin detects the warcaster’s presence there, and Mouse eventually discovers the trail of warjacks leading to a well disguised trapdoor in the building. Sebastian and Ryovin help Zarael force it open.

Beneath, a tunnel reaching down into the dark earth awaits……

Chapter 6: Dead Gobbers Tell No Tales, Part 2

The group makes their way to the town of Straker’s Crossing and find it empty and deserted. They catch sight of some sort of apparition, but lose it just as quickly as it appeared. However, Mouse spots signs of life inside in one of the houses. Inside, weary and starving, is a woman and her two sons. The ghosts outside have forced them to stay inside, as they claim the lives of anyone who ventures outside, including her husband. The troubles started two months prior, and have only gotten worse leaving the townspeople paralyzed by fear and trapped.

After giving the family some food, the group heads further up towards where Fleck’s workshop was indicated. As they make their way through the eerily silent town, something starts bubbling up in the nearby pond. An amphibious Cryxian warjack emerges from the pond and attacks! Although its claw is vicious, it is eventually destroyed. Ryovin senses a warcaster nearby however, how escapes unseen.

Fleck’s workshop is abandoned but there are signs of a struggle. The group continues to investigate the town, and soon finds themselves face to face with a pair of menacing ghostly figures.


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