The Warhorn's Call

Prologue: Perfect Timing

The tale begins in Laedry in late 604 AR. The PCs are the most recent hires of the mercenary company called Rachssen’s Pikes, led by Davin Rachssen. Their first job with the company is to escort a wagon on the road to Corvis. Koren D’Avangelo is the man who hired the company; he says little except to bark orders, and is in a rush to get going.

A few hours after leaving Laedry, smoke rises from the city. After cresting a hill, a vast force from the Khadoran army could be seen attacking the city. Farther down the road, the Khadorans have established a checkpoint blocking the way south. Unable to talk their way past it, the Pikes fight through the Winterguard conscripts. Not before a rider gallops away, however.

Further down the road, a Ternion of Greylords accompanied by a Berserker Warjack accost the Pikes. The leader demands the company hand over D’Avangelo and his wagon. When Davin Rachssen flatly refuses, another battle breaks out. The Pikes succeed in bringing down the warjack, but when Davin examines a scroll tube the Greylord carried he is hit by some sort of protective spell. Half frozen and comatose, Rokaran tends to him. The Pikes somberly make their way to Corvis. D’Avangelo deserts them as soon as they make it inside the city walls, and without the rest of their pay or their leader, the company falls apart and effectively disbands.


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