The Warhorn's Call

Chapter 3: Port of Deceit Part 3

Chasing the escaping sorcerer through the South Shore settlement, the group does not let up. They eventually corner him in the docks before he can make his escape, and capture him. Once brought back to Crane Island, they hand him over to Galvani Orson at the Four Star Syndicate and collect their pay. Now members of the Syndicate, they inquire about any connection to Davin and his possible presence in the city.

Although that turns up a negative, someone else offers a possibility. They encounter High Captain Banek Hurley. Grateful to have a lead on the Thamarites operating in the city, he offers the name of Oric Valen in return. Valen is an information broker in the city, and if anyone knows about Davin, it is him.

The group sets out to meet Oric, only to be ambushed in a narrow street on the way. Although they defeat most of the would-be assassins, they also come face to face with a ghost from the past: Arman Torez is amongst the attacks.

Chapter 3: Port of Deceit Part 2

Mouse finds a note tied to a crossbow bolt outside the window. He reads it and quickly burns it. What it said, he does not share. The night passes uneventfully.

In the morning, the group finds more reliable transportation to Crane Island in the form of a fishing boat. Once there, they find their way to the base of operations for the Four Star Syndicate. A man named Galvani Orson, a scarred old fighter, greets them. When asked about Davin, all he does is point the group to the job board and tell them that information is for Syndicate members.

Of the jobs, the least distasteful that the group can manage is to stop some grave-robbers. Bodies have been going missing on a regular basis at a cemetery on the shores just south of Five Fingers, and the Morrowan priests and High Captains are equally concerned. The group signs up for it and heads out to ambush the grave-robbers.

Near midnight at the cemetery, the robbers approach. A mighty female Trollkin warrior breaks open the chains on the gate, and a human rifleman and a man with a crossbow enter with some thugs. The group springs their trap once they start digging, and defeat most of the grave-robbers. The crossbow-wielding man reveals himself as an arcanist of some kind, and eventually flees by leaving a wall of fire in his wake. The group pursues him back towards Five Fingers…

Chapter 3: Port of Deceit Part 1

The group arrives in the city of Five Fingers, the infamous pirate port. Immediately they are given a rude introduction to the city when a bunch of ragamuffin youth offer to be their guides while they attempt to pickpocket the group. After catching the youths and scaring them off, the group heads off to find a lodging and base of operations. The Drunken Fish, a fisherman’s inn and tavern on Doleth island fills this need.

Next they resolve to seek out Davin, or at least information on him. Crane island, with its numerous mercenary strongholds and bases seems like a good start. After some false starts, they find passage with Captain Morel and his ship, the Wandering Eel. After some fiddling down below decks, he welcomes the group aboard and they set out once his crew returns.

Approaching Crane Island, Morel suddenly comments that the tide is too low and changes their course. they head south of Five Fingers and find the coast of Cygnar. At a rough stone dock, they come in. There are signs of activity in land, and before long a group of tough looking Trollkin warriors make their way up to the ship. After some tense negotiation over payment and product, Morel pulls a pistol on the Trollkin and starts a fight. Unfortunately for him, the group does not join in and the Trollkin soundly defeat the sailors. They take what they were after: kegs of blasting powder smuggled by Morel.

The group is left on a boat they cannot sail away from the city, and have to trudge back by land and ferry to get back to the Drunken Fish. Just as they are about to call it a night, Mouse hears a thunking sound outside the window….

Chapter 2: Answers in Ice Part Finale

Sebastian reveals his deal with Koldun Lord Iosef Danov to the others, including Grisvul. Grisvul shares his own deal with the devil: his love, Tanya, is being held hostage by the Greylord’s Prikaz Chancellery. As long as he cooperates, she will not be put into deadly battles. It was he who told them about Larslov amongst other information.

Danov returns with new “gifts”. He considers himself an equal investor in their success, despite what he has done. Weapons are provided to the group to arm themselves for the battles ahead, as well as a writ of passage, signed by the Great Vizier to the Empress herself Simonyev Blaustavya, that allows them free passage through Khador for a limited time. With that, they are loaded onto a train sent south to Volningrad.

Departing due South from Volningrad, the group quickly travels overland towards Ord. Coming across the border town of Boarsgate, they are treated with hostility at first. Once they explain themselves though, the town opens up. There is no love for Khador here, or the man simply called ‘The Butcher’ who massacred many there years ago. After resting a spell there, the group continues south to Five Fingers. Somewhere along the Dragon’s Tongue river, Davin, Rokaran and Kasilla are to be found.

Chapter 2: Answers in Ice Part 6

Faced with increasing opposition and tough fights to either get back their wagon or break into the Khardstadt to find Grisvul, the group decides to take the fight to the khadorans and attempt to weaken the garrison forces. Their first attack goes successfully, taking out a group of guards from the Khardstadt on patrol in the vicinity.

The second goes less well. In their attempt to hunt down another such party of Khardstadt guards, the group runs into a unit of Iron Fang Pikemen. The Indomitable charge forth and bring down the group, but opt to capture rather than kill them. After a haze of time and vague awareness, they each wake up in individual windowless cells, chained to the walls. One by one they are taken for interrogation.

Mouse is first to be interrogated, by an elder member of the Greylords. He asks some pointed question about Koren D’Avangelo and Davin Rachssen, but definitely knows more then he lets on. Razzit and Zarael are similarly interrogated. Sebastian is taken to a different locale: at the back of the grand chamber, a strange stone block is covered with frost and intricate carvings.

He has no time to wonder about its origins though, as the Greylord introduces himself. Koldun Lord Iosef Danov has a keen interest in the group and D’Avangelo; he reveals that D’Avangelo is in possession of a powerful device, believed to be a weapon. It was likely that which Rachssen’s Pike’s escorted out of Llael on the eve of the Khadoran invasion. All the major powers in Immoren are now seeking D’Avangelo and his weapon, and the former members of Rachssen’s Pikes are the last to see him.

Danov gives Sebastian a choice: find the device for Khador and he will let a number of prisoners of war go free, or refuse and watch them be executed in front of him. After some tense negotiations, Danov agrees to let his prisoners go in exchange for keeping Sloane as his insurance. His deal with the devil complete, Sebastian is reunited with the rest of the group, and surprisingly, Grisvul…

Chapter 2: Answers in Ice Part 5

After the last battle everyone relocated, but without Zarael to aid their efforts in masking their presence the group is discovered again, once more by the Nyss like creatures. Beings more closely resembling the winter elves but with the same cold, dead stares of the Striders approach with swords drawn. A sorcerer leads the attacking party, and they rush in to beset the group. After a few close calls and risky tactics, the Nyss are defeated soundly.

Returning to their original hiding spot the next day, the group finds the area picked clean of the attacking Striders. Only a few patches of blood remain to show that the battle even took place. All seems well then until a Khadoran search party stumbles upon, including a small cadre of the feared Iron Fang Pikemen. After a long struggle the search party is defeated, although it is becoming quite clear that the group’s presence in the area is known, and the efforts to locate and pacify them are only increasing.

Shortly thereafter, Zarael returns, bearing her bad news. Faced with the prospect of giving up their means of travel and steamjack fueling or conducting a daring raid on a Khadoran military barracks, the group ponders their next move…

Chapter 2: Answers in Ice Part 4

The hiding spot the group chose, a small depression surrounded by scattered shrubs and tall grass, is invaded by bow wielding…. creatures. While bearing a strong resemblance to the Nyss winter elves, they clearly are no longer Nyss. Legs elongated and bent backwards and spotted with bone spurs, something has changed them. They attack with cold and emotionless purpose.

They are not strong enough however, and are routed with two fleeing in the the wilderness. Once defeated, the group decides retrieving their wagon is the best course of action. Knowing they are wanted as a group, the send Zarael alone back to Skirov to get it. Although she is able to get back into the city, the barkeep from the Serric Anvil shares with her that the wagon was seized not long after the incident at the Khardstadt.

Zarael scopes out the barracks in the military quarter in the center of the city, but is unable to see much. In an attempt to learn more, Zarael heads down to the disreputable Salty Wench to try and talk up some guards, but this does not go well. Empty handed, she heads back to the group.

Meanwhile, they have problems of their own….

Chapter 2: Answers in Ice, Part 3

A siren begins blaring in the Khardstadt. Whistles can be heard and a lot of obvious commotion behind the doors of the gulag. Searchlights begin scanning the area, and much to Sebastian’s horror, Widowmaker snipers open fire from the top of the gatehouse. The inner gates get shoved open despite everyone’s best efforts, and guards from the Khardstadt enter the fight. Although they are defeated, the Widowmakers take their toll and the group is retreats as reinforcements arrive at the gate.

Laying low away from the gulag, the party tries to hide while Mouse goes off to preform some recon. A rider is seen leaving the Khardstadt and heading to Skirov. Mouse notes the increased guards at the city’s gate. After some time, a group of riders leaves and heads to the Khardstadt, returning some time later. As the level of alert fades, Mouse returns to the group. The discussion of what to do next is cut short however, as Mouse picks up on figures lurking in the nearby bushes and the sound of bows being drawn.

Chapter 2: Answers in Ice, Part 2

The Menites are in the designated meeting spot, and eagerly take the load of cortexs. They discover the fact the crates have been opened, but Mouse with Sebastian’s help are able to talk them down from violence. They depart without saying much more, and take their prizes away.

The journey overland to Skirov is mercifully uneventful, albeit with some rumblings of beasts attacking travelers in the wilderness.

Arriving in Skirov, the group decides to setup shop in a tavern called the Serric Anvil, run by an old grizzled dwarf. He takes kindly to Zarael’s presence. Razzit and Mouse attempt to gather some intel at a less reputable establishment. Mouse tries to over-hear rumors, although without a lot of success. Razzit manages to pay a local dockworker to tell him where Grisvul might be. Although largely fruitless, he suggests Grisvul might be in the Khardstadt, or work camp, just outside town.

After observing guards going to and returning from duty at the Khardstadt, Mouse and Razzit setup a plan to interrogate one. They ambush a guard, knock him out and inject him with persuasion elixir. Now forthcoming, the guard informs them that a few people matching Grisvul’s description are in the camp, and that the records are near the Warden’s office in the Guard Block.

Mouse takes the uniform and papers on the guard after smothering him. Quickly disguising himself, he heads to the Khardstadt and attempts to enter. Although he disguises his accented Khadoran with a faked cold, the disguise is far from sufficient and he is spotted. Mouse shoots the guard immediately on hand at the gatehouse as a signal to the others, but many more guards will surely be on the way…

Chapter 2: Answers in Ice, Part 1

The group heads of towards Skirov, looking for answers and revenge. They head towards Rorschik, managing to dodge Khadoran patrols. They gain access to the city, and Mouse goes to search for the papers they will need to travel through the country. One clerk, Viktor, offers to get Mouse the paper work for a princely sum. As he exits the building, another slips him a note, telling Mouse to meet him at the Menite temple at midnight.

At that meeting, the other clerk, Gregor, offers to get the necessary documents if the group smuggles some items across the country. They agree, and a few days later Gregor comes up with the papers. After a bit of searching, the groups finds the items. Several large crates are shallowly buried near a marked tree.

Heading out again, the group encounters two patrols. The first passes with incident, the papers passing their scrutiny, but the second patrol notices the crates. They open one to reveal that a steamjack cortex is inside. The patrol goes to arrest everyone, but they are swiftly defeated in combat. Deep in enemy territory with a dead patrol of soldiers, the group hurries on to their destination….


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