The Warhorn's Call

Chapter 7: The High Captain's Rage, Part 2

The group learns the next morning that Mouse is due to be executed in three days after being summarily convicted of arson and murder. They decided to first investigate by returning to the scene of the ambush, only to be ambushed again by stragglers. Cutthroat scoundrels and Trollkin fend off Sebastian and Razzit, only to flee once the building is set ablaze.

Chopper is nearly reduced to slag after falling through the floor of the decrepit house, but at least Ryovin was able to force one of the cutthroats to surrender. Perhaps he knows something of use, because the clock is ticking…..

Chapter 7: The High Captain's Rage, Part 1

The group arrives at Five Fingers, and first checks Blaggard’s Manse for clues about the bounty on their heads. Razzit finds a burly mercenary and engages him in conversation, but the man doesn’t seem to know much beyond the fact that Jannish Riordan is not a man to be trifled with. It seems like a dead-end, so they split up and search the city for other leads.

Razzit encounters a gobber vendor on Chaser island that tells him in five-cant to return at night, alone. Mouse makes contact with a mysterious stranger through a beggar on Hospice Island who instructs him to meet at the bridge to Captain’s Island at midnight.

At night, Razzit, with Ryovin and Sebastian standing guard nearby, meets the gobber. He leads Razzit down into a secret meeting area, part tavern, part gambling den, and part black market, for gobbers only. Inquiring about the bounties, he finds that High Captain Riordan has put a 100,000 gold crown bounty for Arman’s head, and a 20,000 crown bounty on each of them. He quickly leaves with this news.

Mouse, with Zarael, meet up with the stranger and follow him to a townhouse on Captain’s island. They both notice something moving on the roof of a nearby building, and quickly an ambush reveals itself. Zarael is chased off and badly injured, with Chopper falling into the basement of a neighboring house. Mouse is less lucky, and ends up captured by the cutthroats and thugs attacking him. Zarael returns to the others with the bad news, leaving the remaining members of the group with a terrible dilemma.

Interlude: The Sniper

The group encounters the necro-surgeon Sarkinine in the caves. He is less than helpful or forthcoming, but also seems unmoved by the death of his master, Dar Kallsius. The group leaves him to work on the remains of the townsfolk of Straker’s Crossing and departs the town after tending to Chopper.

On the way back to New Larkholm, a sniper ambushes the group. Using a mechanikally silenced rifle, he takes a potshot at Sebastian and continues to engage the others. Eventually, Sebastian and Razzit are able to corner him and force him to flee, but not before mentioning a bounty on their heads. Mouse gives pursuit, but the sniper eludes him. The elf does recall seeing their assailant in the Four Star Syndicate base in Five Fingers however.

The rest of the journey to New Larkholm is fortunately uneventful. Ryovin is able to secure a new warjack chassis. Five Fingers now awaits, including the question of the bounty.

Chapter 6: Dead Gobbers Tell No Tales, Finale

Beneath the old building is a large network of caves, including an improvised maintenance area for the Cryxian warjacks that have terrorized the town. Further down into the cave is an ancient crypt. Finally the group spots light ahead.

In a large chamber, a pallid man in warcaster works away on a necromantic device while his warjacks keep guard. Spines and skull of the townsfolk festoon the room like terrifying decorations. The warcaster introduces himself as Dar Kallsius, and battle is soon joined. After a long and difficult battle that costs Harvester’s mechanikal life, he is defeated.

This just serves to summon his master. A tall metallic figure with a shifting mosaic-like face appears from the shadows and introduces himself as Lich Lord Malathrax, Cryx’s spymaster. Congratulating the group and chastising Kallsius for his defeat, he offers them employment, and the “gift” of immortality in return for helping Cryx track down D’Avangelo. Everyone refuses the generous offer, and before Malathrax melts back into the shadows they find the skull of Fleck attached to the ghastly machine Dar Kallsius was working on.

Hurt, down a steamjack and with the old companion dead, they are left to pick up the pieces and find another path.

Chapter 6: Dead Gobbers Tell No Tales, Part 3

The ghosts confronting our heroes turn out to be deadly pistol wraiths, incorporeal assassins only Ryovin’s arcane powers are effective against. More Cryxian warjacks soon ambush the rest of the group too, and they enter a desperate fight for their life. Ryovin barely defeats the wraiths while the rest make short work of the warjacks. The warcaster controlling them again makes his presence known through proximity and arced spells, but he remains elusive.

After taking a few moments to rest after putting down the Cryxian horrors, the group explores the village and eventually zeroes in on an abandoned stone building to the north. Ryovin detects the warcaster’s presence there, and Mouse eventually discovers the trail of warjacks leading to a well disguised trapdoor in the building. Sebastian and Ryovin help Zarael force it open.

Beneath, a tunnel reaching down into the dark earth awaits……

Chapter 6: Dead Gobbers Tell No Tales, Part 2

The group makes their way to the town of Straker’s Crossing and find it empty and deserted. They catch sight of some sort of apparition, but lose it just as quickly as it appeared. However, Mouse spots signs of life inside in one of the houses. Inside, weary and starving, is a woman and her two sons. The ghosts outside have forced them to stay inside, as they claim the lives of anyone who ventures outside, including her husband. The troubles started two months prior, and have only gotten worse leaving the townspeople paralyzed by fear and trapped.

After giving the family some food, the group heads further up towards where Fleck’s workshop was indicated. As they make their way through the eerily silent town, something starts bubbling up in the nearby pond. An amphibious Cryxian warjack emerges from the pond and attacks! Although its claw is vicious, it is eventually destroyed. Ryovin senses a warcaster nearby however, how escapes unseen.

Fleck’s workshop is abandoned but there are signs of a struggle. The group continues to investigate the town, and soon finds themselves face to face with a pair of menacing ghostly figures.

Chapter 6: Dead Gobbers Tell No Tales, Part 1

Arman stays behind in Point Bourne to help Rokaran and Davin as the group heads back west to reach the coast and the way to New Larkholm. At Fiver Fingers, they visit the Four-Star Syndicate once more. Galvani Osron has a job that includes passage to New Larkholm; the seemingly simple job of protecting the Swift Gale and its cargo on the way down the coast. On the way out, however, a strange gives them an odd look….

The group finds the Swift Gale and meets its captain, Antonio Thorssin. The Bosun tales them the tale of the Atramenteous, the legendary ghost ship. The next day, on the way into port at Ceryl, a Cygnaran Navy patrol stops the Swift Gale. A Navy officer demands to preform an inspection, despite the Captain having a warrant of trade. The officer opens a number of crates, but Mouse is able to talk him out of opening one that Thorssin is particularly concerned with. After the inspection, Razzit opens the crate and finds that the Captain is a cortex smuggler.

On the way towards New Larkholm a storm sets in. A Cryxian Black Ship uses it for covering, closing in on the Swift Gale and ramming it. The boarding planks come down and Satyxis raiders, horned warrior women, flood down to capture the ship. The group manages to defeat them and force a retreat, though. After the tense battle, nothing stands between them and New Larkholm.

Chapter 5: The Lost Guardian, Finale

Rokaran charges forward to avenge the kidnapping of Sarah on the wolds. After a brutal battle in which he is knocked out, the group manages to destroy the guardians of the clearing. Razzit wakes Rokaran and they head back to Point Bourne.

Davin is gone by the time they get back, but he has left a letter. He has gone in search of Gilda and Stavery, and leaves directions to a town where Fleck may be. Rokaran is sad to not have met up with Davin, but stays at the inn to rest.

Razzit and Mouse head to the military quarter to collect their pay. They are greeted by Captain Sloan as they make their way in, and exchange sarcasm. General Terswell gladly accepts their intelligence, even if it is not quite what she had hoped for. Still, the pay is good enough.

Once reunited at the tavern, the group figures out how to get to their next destination…..

Chapter 5: The Lost Guardian, Part 3

Razzit volunteers to go down and investigate the Khadoran encampment. He manages to infiltrate the camp and finds several pieces of information before a stubborn crate reveals him to the guards. After a few tense hours, he rejoins the others. The units he is able to identify and the other clues he gathered lead Mouse to the conclusion that the 4th Assault Legion is there, one of Khador’s most elite vanguard military formations.

On their way back to report this troubling news, the group encounters something at the side of the path; dead Winter Guard, and Ogrun-sized tracks. Following them, after a day and a half, leads to a strange fork in the path. At that moment, Rokaran attempts to ambush the group. He stops short however, and is heavily wounded. He tracked Lord Bradshaw’s girl through the wilderness, but had her stolen away by Blackclad druids and their savage Tharn servants.

After some quick medical treatment, Rokaran hands over a note destined for Davin, and leads everyone North. Not long after, they stumble upon a ritual circle and standing stones, and three blackclads with the girl. After a cryptic warning, the druids disappear in a flurry of wind and leaves. Left behind are two piles of rocks that suddenly spring to life: the animated branches and stones rise up into two vaguely humanoid forms and lurch forward….

Chapter 5: The Lost Guardian, Part 2

The group is held by the Warcaster, but soon find themselves talking to General Shay Terswell of the Cygnaran 1st army. She is more friendly, eventually agreeing to Sebastian’s request to see her maps. She makes the offer of coin for intelligence on the Khadoran army massing to the North, which the group eventually accepts. Ryovin meanwhile spends some time locked up and at the mercy of the warcaster, Captain Kara Sloan. He manages to deflect her attempts to aggravate him however.

Once the deal is made, Ryovin is released and reunited with the others. With some gold in hand and plenty of information on the area (as well as some booklets on the Khadorans they might encounter) they head back to the Silver Sword. Davin is there, about to head out after some information on Gilda and Stavery. He promises to be back in time to meet them, or at least have more information to greet them.

Once provisioned, the group heads out. They encounter some difficulties in the Thronwood, including the plant-life and a patrol of Khadoran woodsmen. Once past that, however, they stumbled upon a massive encampment, festooned with Khador red. Now, they just have to get close enough to catalog the army before them.


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