The Warhorn's Call

Chapter 9: The Rhul of Law, Part 6

The group finds the unarmed (literally) Wroughthammer Rockram, and its arm and hammer. As well, a lone dwarf is found hiding in the workshop. Dagren witnessed the quarry being bought out by D’Avangelo, and the coming of the Nyss and their beasts. Interestingly, D’Avangelo seemed to have routed the Nyss before he left.

Searching the rest of the site, two of the mine shafts yield nothing, while the third contains an active dig. Two Nyss swordsmen are overseeing a group of dwarves and a steamjack as they dig and drill. They are easily defeated, and the dwarves taken captive. They are unresponsive to questioning, and seem be completely enthralled. They are left with Dagren, and the group advances on.

Past an old quarry pit is a new dig, where Dagren had mentioned worthless stone was dug up for no foreseeable purpose. There a number of twisted creatures are waiting, under the control of a Nyss woman with eyes hidden underneath a helmet. She asks the group about D’Avangelo whereabouts, before another voice speaking through her compels them to join it.

They are in fact talking to the dragon Ethranbul, or Everblight, through one of its lieutenants. It offers gifts and powers in exchange for fealty. Ryovin seemingly agrees and surrenders his weapons to Razzit. All is not quite as it seems, though….



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