The Warhorn's Call

Chapter 2: Answers in Ice Part 6

Faced with increasing opposition and tough fights to either get back their wagon or break into the Khardstadt to find Grisvul, the group decides to take the fight to the khadorans and attempt to weaken the garrison forces. Their first attack goes successfully, taking out a group of guards from the Khardstadt on patrol in the vicinity.

The second goes less well. In their attempt to hunt down another such party of Khardstadt guards, the group runs into a unit of Iron Fang Pikemen. The Indomitable charge forth and bring down the group, but opt to capture rather than kill them. After a haze of time and vague awareness, they each wake up in individual windowless cells, chained to the walls. One by one they are taken for interrogation.

Mouse is first to be interrogated, by an elder member of the Greylords. He asks some pointed question about Koren D’Avangelo and Davin Rachssen, but definitely knows more then he lets on. Razzit and Zarael are similarly interrogated. Sebastian is taken to a different locale: at the back of the grand chamber, a strange stone block is covered with frost and intricate carvings.

He has no time to wonder about its origins though, as the Greylord introduces himself. Koldun Lord Iosef Danov has a keen interest in the group and D’Avangelo; he reveals that D’Avangelo is in possession of a powerful device, believed to be a weapon. It was likely that which Rachssen’s Pike’s escorted out of Llael on the eve of the Khadoran invasion. All the major powers in Immoren are now seeking D’Avangelo and his weapon, and the former members of Rachssen’s Pikes are the last to see him.

Danov gives Sebastian a choice: find the device for Khador and he will let a number of prisoners of war go free, or refuse and watch them be executed in front of him. After some tense negotiations, Danov agrees to let his prisoners go in exchange for keeping Sloane as his insurance. His deal with the devil complete, Sebastian is reunited with the rest of the group, and surprisingly, Grisvul…



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