The Warhorn's Call

Chapter 2: Answers in Ice Part 4

The hiding spot the group chose, a small depression surrounded by scattered shrubs and tall grass, is invaded by bow wielding…. creatures. While bearing a strong resemblance to the Nyss winter elves, they clearly are no longer Nyss. Legs elongated and bent backwards and spotted with bone spurs, something has changed them. They attack with cold and emotionless purpose.

They are not strong enough however, and are routed with two fleeing in the the wilderness. Once defeated, the group decides retrieving their wagon is the best course of action. Knowing they are wanted as a group, the send Zarael alone back to Skirov to get it. Although she is able to get back into the city, the barkeep from the Serric Anvil shares with her that the wagon was seized not long after the incident at the Khardstadt.

Zarael scopes out the barracks in the military quarter in the center of the city, but is unable to see much. In an attempt to learn more, Zarael heads down to the disreputable Salty Wench to try and talk up some guards, but this does not go well. Empty handed, she heads back to the group.

Meanwhile, they have problems of their own….



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