The Warhorn's Call

Chapter 2: Answers in Ice, Part 3

A siren begins blaring in the Khardstadt. Whistles can be heard and a lot of obvious commotion behind the doors of the gulag. Searchlights begin scanning the area, and much to Sebastian’s horror, Widowmaker snipers open fire from the top of the gatehouse. The inner gates get shoved open despite everyone’s best efforts, and guards from the Khardstadt enter the fight. Although they are defeated, the Widowmakers take their toll and the group is retreats as reinforcements arrive at the gate.

Laying low away from the gulag, the party tries to hide while Mouse goes off to preform some recon. A rider is seen leaving the Khardstadt and heading to Skirov. Mouse notes the increased guards at the city’s gate. After some time, a group of riders leaves and heads to the Khardstadt, returning some time later. As the level of alert fades, Mouse returns to the group. The discussion of what to do next is cut short however, as Mouse picks up on figures lurking in the nearby bushes and the sound of bows being drawn.



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