The Warhorn's Call

Chapter 2: Answers in Ice, Part 2

The Menites are in the designated meeting spot, and eagerly take the load of cortexs. They discover the fact the crates have been opened, but Mouse with Sebastian’s help are able to talk them down from violence. They depart without saying much more, and take their prizes away.

The journey overland to Skirov is mercifully uneventful, albeit with some rumblings of beasts attacking travelers in the wilderness.

Arriving in Skirov, the group decides to setup shop in a tavern called the Serric Anvil, run by an old grizzled dwarf. He takes kindly to Zarael’s presence. Razzit and Mouse attempt to gather some intel at a less reputable establishment. Mouse tries to over-hear rumors, although without a lot of success. Razzit manages to pay a local dockworker to tell him where Grisvul might be. Although largely fruitless, he suggests Grisvul might be in the Khardstadt, or work camp, just outside town.

After observing guards going to and returning from duty at the Khardstadt, Mouse and Razzit setup a plan to interrogate one. They ambush a guard, knock him out and inject him with persuasion elixir. Now forthcoming, the guard informs them that a few people matching Grisvul’s description are in the camp, and that the records are near the Warden’s office in the Guard Block.

Mouse takes the uniform and papers on the guard after smothering him. Quickly disguising himself, he heads to the Khardstadt and attempts to enter. Although he disguises his accented Khadoran with a faked cold, the disguise is far from sufficient and he is spotted. Mouse shoots the guard immediately on hand at the gatehouse as a signal to the others, but many more guards will surely be on the way…



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