The Warhorn's Call

Chapter 1: Fall of the Mighty, Part 6

The group encounters the scene of a battle: dead Trollkin are everywhere, corpses piled up with more human bodies. A Skorne fighting force is just up the road, near a half-constructed fortification. A Skorne tyrant orders the charge of his praetorians, while a lumbering beast hovers nearby. Worn down from prior battle, the Praetorians fall quickly. The Tyrant however strikes forward, emboldened by a mortitheurge, and cuts down Sebastian. Eventually him and the beast are felled, but only after a grueling fight.

Afterwards, the group travels on and finally breaks through and out of the Glimmerwood. Something lurks in the waters in the marshes beyond at night, but nothing comes of it.

Continuing on, they encounter a gatorman and a large alligator on the road ahead. Wrongeye and Snapjaw greet them silent, Wrongeye motioning to the water. Bog Trog ambushers rise out of the murky waters and attack both. Once dispatched, Wrongeye introduces himself. He says he say the group in a vision, and can see many threads of destiny tied to them. Finally, he leaves them with the advice: “Don’t be trusting anyone.”

A little further ahead, a fallen marker denotes the border of Llael…



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