The Warhorn's Call

Chapter 1: Fall of the Mighty, Part 5

Continuing through the Glimmerwood, the group encountered a Khadoran patrol. Some quick thinking on the part of Mouse and an appeal to the noble blood of Sebastian allowed them to pass.

The next day they encountered an overturned wagon by the side of the road. The horses had been killed and whoever was riding in it was gone. Some quick detective work by Sloane tracked the attackers through a winding path in the heart of the forest. In a clearing they came upon a group of Tharn witches performing a bloodletting ceremony. They were killing the men from the wagon and tossing their bleeding bodies into a ritual circle surrounded by standing stones.

After a tough fight, where Razzit almost joined the sacrifice, the group frees two of the men and leaves the site. Continuing on their way, another group of highwaymen led by the brother of the first bunch fight the group. They prove to be no match, falling as much to their own mounts as the blades and bullets of those they attack.

Almost clear of the Glimmerwood, the group camps for the night. In the morning, they are awoken by the sound of horn calls in the distance. A ragged and wounded Trollkin stumbles towards them. He dies with a warning on his lips: “The Skorne are coming.”



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