The Warhorn's Call

Chapter 1: Fall of the Mighty, Part 4

Continuing on through the Glimmerwood, the group encounters a party of surly Trollkin hunters, who fancy themselves Toll collectors. Razzit, with the aid of everyone else, is able to put some fear into them, and they back off. They continue on their way unopposed.

The next day, during the afternoon, the sound of a trampling beast comes from the woods. A giant Satyr bursts out from the trees, looking at the group angrily. From the forest comes a cry of “Umbuto, fetch my Satyr gun!” While the Satyr charges at the group, Lord Archibald Willem Landers III emerges from the woods and shoots the Satyr. Once it is defeated (after knocking Sloane around), Landers introduces himself. Umbuto removes the skull for Lander’s mantle, and offers the Satyr’s hide to the group.

The next night, the group butchers a Thrullg just before dawn. It makes for some good morning exercise. Later that day, a group of savage Tharn Ravagers stalk the group and attack, looking for something to eat. Sloane easily eliminates one, but the others charge in. Eventually Sebastian is take down by the last survivor, and is bad injured. The group stops and rests for the next day, and our visited by a passing merchant caravan.

Once Sebastian is recovered, they head out again, eventually sighting a Khadoran patrol….



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