The Warhorn's Call

Chapter 1: Fall of the Mighty, Part 3

After acquiring a wagon, coal, and other supplies, the group heads out of Corvis and North into the Glimmerwood. Not long after they encountered a group of pygmy trollkin digging along side the road. They were apparently following the wagon, looking for their Kriel and someone called Rathgar. The rest of the day goes uneventfully.

The next day a Thrullg rushes through the woods and bursts out to attack the group, particularly attracted towards Sloane. It is dispatched after giving Sebastian a good once over. Later in the day a trio of highwaymen try to rob the group, but they are “convinced” to go elsewhere. As they look for a good place to camp, a Skorne patrol marches down the road. They are evntually defeated, but not before putting up a tough fight. Once camped down, everything goes well until towards dawn when Zarael wakes everyone up with a shout. A pack of wolves are stalking the group! With some luck and a few gun shots, Mouse and Sebastian manage to scare them off.

The next day is, fortunately, a quiet one.



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