The Warhorn's Call

Chapter 1: Fall of the Mighty, Part 2

The group manages to take down their ambushers at the Dockside Hotel. Rosline comes down to see their handiwork, and remarks that Daltan Helter must be after them. Mouse slips a note to Helter, offering a meeting, under the door the thugs emerged from. Meanwhile, the rest of the group searched through some rooms upstairs, but to little avail. A reply eventually is offered via crossbow bolt, asking for a midnight meeting at the King’s Ransom.

At the appointed hour, the barkeep unlocks the back room and leads them to a staircase carved into rock that leads downward from a still room. Once down in the rocky tunnel, a trapdoor is shut over the stairs up. Forced ahead, they discover a gambling den. Crossbow wielding men use its table to stage an ambush, pushed on by a hulking Trollkin named Mutdrack. They are eventually deafeated. Shouting comes from the next room and two more thugs investigate, only to surrender once they see what has happened.

Pressing on, the group finds an Ogrun guarding Helter. After dispatching his bodyguard, Helter starts shaking and gives up, groveling for his life. He reveals that he was working with the Khadorans, helping them smuggle things in and out of the city. He was commanded by the Khadorans through a courier named Karkov to lure Larslov North with promises of work and money. He was brought to “the monument to the Southerner’s Hubris”: the ruins of Northguard. Armed with this knowledge, the group made plans to head up North by going east of the Black river.



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