The Warhorn's Call

Chapter 1: Fall of the Mighty, Part 1

In 608 AR, the group each receive letters from Davin Rachssen, asking them to come to Corvis. Meeting up, they find Davin is scarred but quite alive. He has been keeping tabs on the former members of his company, but lately they have been disappearing. Rokaran has recently vanished as well, pursuing a lead on Kasilla Tandross. So he is free to pursue the ogrun, he hires the group to continue hunting down Larslov Zenardi in Corvis.

Davin points to them to Watch Lieutenant Calen Helvadere. He knows of Larsov, but asks for some help first. A Rowdy trencher sergeant named Hal Whitkirk is causing trouble for the watch. He is found at the Prancing Weasel, along with crowd of other drunk trenchers. Although their first plan goes awry the group are able to slip some somnolence elixir made by Razzit into the trencher’s drinks, enabling them to bring them all back to Calen.

He points them towards Lowrie’s Run; a dark, crime infested section of the city. It’s the territory of a crime boss called Daltan Helter, a vicious man who tolerates no opposition or interference in his criminal enterprises. In the Run they first encounter Stob and Gott, a pair of argumentative Gobber scrap dealers. After getting little from the two, they go further down and encounter Rosline outside the King’s Ransom, a decrepit watering hole. Walder, a blind shoe-shiner, is watching the group as they talk. Sloane notices him and talks him up. Mouse checks out the King’s Ransom while the rest are pointed towards the Dockside Hotel, a local brothel, as where Larslov was living.

There is no sign of Larslov, despite Sebastian and his shouting. Mouse does however notice Walder walking up the Run to a nearby building, knocking, and being admitted through a door. Soon after, 7 masked and armed men emerge and head towards the brothel. Mouse follows them and attempts to ambush them as they enter the brothel. Although he is heard approaching and his shot misses, it serves as a warning that trouble is a foot.



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