The Warhorn's Call

Chapter 11: Old Friends, FInale

After slaughtering what seems like an entire tribe of hostile and fearless Tharn, the group reaches the site they were protecting. On a hill in the middle of an old ruined tower, a ritual is taking place. A small girl, Sarah Bradshaw, is taking part in a bloody ceremony led by three Tharn witches. Standing stones ringed around a burning pile of corpses come alive with primal magical energies. Rokaran sits bound, trapped as an observer to the strange ritual.

Sebastian followed by the rest intervene, cutting down the witches. Sarah steadfastly continues the ritual. She resists any attempt to stop her until Razzit detonates a knock-out gas bomb in the nick of time. The ritual is halted, allowing the warjacks to destroy the standing stones.

Rokaran insists on going after Davin, who evaded capture by the Tharn. The group does not wish to risk themselves or the girl in the Thornwood longer than necessary, and agrees to retreat. Rokaran insists on going after Davin, and heads out in search of him with Arman and Steelboot. This leaves the group to head back to Point Bourne empty-handed, save the girl.

Chapter 11: Old Friends, Part 1

Returning to Point Bourne with Olivia, the group meets with Major Klein. He is happy to have Olivia helping the CRS, and promises to keep her safe in Caspia while debriefing her. Olivia agrees, and retires for the night. Klein then breaks some bad news: Rokaran, Arman and Davin are all missing.

The three had been venturing into the Thornwood in search of Sarah Bradshaw, the girl Rokaran had been guarding who ran off into the clutches of Blackclad druids. Klein relates that he had instructed the three to report in regularly, and they are now 5 days overdue. The group gathers up supplies the next day and heads out in search of the missing three. Major Klein knows they were going to explore ruins to the North-West, but has nothing more specific.

Skillfully navigating the dense and dangerous forest, the group comes across an abandoned warjack leaning against a tree. They quickly realize it is Steelboot, Davin’s Talon. Taking it with them, they continue on. The next night, Mouse spots a person up a nearby tree as the group makes to camp. Arman, dehydrated and weak, is clinging to a large branch to hide.

Arman tells the group that he, Davin and Rokaran were hounded by Tharn, a savage bestial people who live in the Thornwood. He escaped, but he thinks Davin and Rokaran were both captured. The ruins they were investigating are not far away.

Journeying to them the next day, the group dismounts and prepares for a fight. A tharn woman gets the drop on them from the bushes however, and lets out a savage cry.

Chapter 10: The Mentor of my Enemy is my Friend, Finale

After a desperate battle in the Order of the Gold Crucible fortress that claims the life of Captain Krael, the group and Olivia managed to escape. A specter of Lich Lord Malathrax makes one last offer for them to join Cryx, but he is rebuffed. The Ordic military is at the gates of the fortress demanding to know what is happening, but they get no answers. Returning to the New Caldron Inn, a group of men are at a table waiting for them. They are the ones spying on the group up until this point, but the men leave disappointed upon seeing Olivia with them.

The next day, they take the train down to Five Fingers. There, as they enter the city, a skeleton in robes and a cloak offers them a note from Kasilla. She has heard their call and needs a favour. Meeting her in a townhouse kept by the undead, Kasilla explains that her rival grave robbers are working for Cryx. They plan on sacking the tomb of one of Ord’s kings, Merrin Cathor the third. Kasilla has no love for the tomb of a pious Morrowan, but she likes Cryx defiling the place much less.

The group agrees to intervene and breaks into the tomb themselves. Inside they find Ordic inscriptions and illustrations carved into the walls. Deeper inside, a spike trap grazes Razzit. They also accidentally awaken four Iron Maidens, constructs designed to defend the tomb. After defeating them and reach the sarcophagus, they find a Cryxian agent attempting to open it. The man promptly kills himself. Alerting the local Church of Morrow will allow them to re-secure the tomb, but leaves as many questions as answers. At least stopping Cryx affirms Kasilla’s loyalty, and she offers her help when it is needed.

Chapter 10: The Mentor of my Enemy is my Friend, Part 4

Olivia greets the group and first asks to hear of how they come to her doorstep. After a short break at the OGC speakeasy, they reconvene. Olivia recalls how she met a young Koren D’Avangelo as he was first entering the OGC. Even then he was a prodigy and genius, and she latched on to him to become first his mentor and then his partner in alchemy. Together they did exceptional work for a time, Olivia even developing some feelings for Koren.

Over time, however, he began to exceed her and all of his peers. D’Avangelo grew reclusive and immersed in his work. He did confide in Olivia a budding magical talent, which he chose to otherwise keep secret. His work eventually took him away entirely. Some time later, Olivia received an invitation to join him at a cottage in a remote area in foothills of the Wyrmwall mountains.

There, Koren revealed his work and asked Olivia to abandon the Order of the Golden Crucible to join him. His plans made use of many forbidden materials and reagents, and when pressed he admitted the mathematical foundation was provided by the Cult of Cyriss, Maiden of Gears, of which he was a member. Olivia stole what materials she could and fled back to the Order, although not without regret.

In the present, she has analyzed D’Avangelo’s work enough to find what she thinks is a critical flaw in it. A flaw he may be too self-confident to notice. He plans to use the differentials in energy of multiple planes to some end, but she is convinced it will only result in destruction.

A commotion outside the room interrupts the conversation; something is wrong. Captain Krael eventually comes and orders an evacuation. The Order’s security has been breached. After a lieutenant fails to report, Krael groups everyone together to escort Olivia to a safe-room in the basement. On route they stumble upon the scene of a massacre in the lobby. Many of the Guards are dead.

Ahead, a ghostly skeleton clad in armour passes straight through a stone wall, looking menacingly at the group as it prepares to charge.

Chapter 10: The Mentor of my Enemy is my Friend, Part 3

A woman answers Razzit’s knocks on the door. After some convincing, Razzit enters the room and quickly finding himself at the mercy of a Nyss Swordswoman. Olivia Terantor is indeed there, and she begins questioning Razzit’s allegiances and motivations. It is clear she has suffered greatly at the hands of would be abductors and assassins, revealing that she is missing one of her legs.

She rejects Razzit’s pleas for information and help in fight Koren D’Avangelo, and insists he prove that he will not use D’Avangelo’s knowledge or creations for his or any nations own ends. Although unable to convince her, Razzit does relate his story from meeting D’Avangelo up to this point.

Returning to the rest of the group, Razzit relates the events after some alcoholic encouragement. Mouse decides to help earn Olivia’s trust by baring his soul in a letter to her. The rest of the group takes encouragement and follows suit, penning their own messages to her.

Zarael and Ryovin install a new boiler in Harvester the next day while waiting for news. There seems to be persons watching them while away from the New Cauldron Inn. Sebastian and Zarael pursue another while out the next day, but fail to follow them. Mouses mess with another at a tavern closer to the Order of the Golden Crucible guildhouse, but to no avail.

Finally, a letter is returned to the New Cauldron Inn, addressed to everyone in the group. The letter contains a time, tomorrow at 10am; and an alchemical formula. It is also signed by Olivia. Following the formula produces a fluid that constantly changes in color and shape when moved and exposed to light. At the entrance to the interior of the OGC base, it gets the group past the guards. Krael is waiting for them, and leads them up to Olivia’s chambers.

Within, perhaps lies some answers…

Chapter 10: The Mentor of my Enemy is my Friend, Part 2

Razzit helps Ryovin set up a way to scout out potential OGC members; by offering a new alchemy tool at the marketplace in Midfast. Sebastian manages to attract a curious crowd with his sales pitch and Mouse follows one potential Golden Crucible member, a gobber, back to a dingy and rundown inn and tavern. There he ambushes the gobber and forces him at gunpoint to relinquish his membership certificate to the Order. Mouse is able to forge a copy for Razzit, but finds the other gobber gone by apparent suicide when he attempts to return the document. The fact he had to shake a tail on the way does not bode well either.

Razzit uses the completed document to infiltrate the OGC compound in the morning of the next day. He is able to scout out most of the guild-house, but finds no sign of Terantor. Where reconnaissance fails, Razzit uses volume. Loudly asking about Olivia Terantor gets him directed to the Guard Captain of the Crucible Guard, a man named Krael. He is unreceptive until Razzit drops D’Avangelo’s name. Krael forcefully tells Razzit not to say that name aloud, for D’Avangelo has been disavowed and excised from the Order. Krael does know where Terantor is. Gaining admittance is a different matter entirely, though.

The Guard Captain leads Razzit to her room….

Chapter 10: The Mentor of my Enemy is my Friend, Part 1

After the Royal meeting, Major Klein sends the group to Midfast to search for Olivia Terantor at the Order of the Golden Crucible’s headquaters. He also asks them to investigate a report of Bartaniel Centerus, the only unaccounted-for member of Rachssen’s Pikes, in the town of Cardrona along the way. They also attempt to make contact with Kasilla during a stop at Five Fingers.

In Cardrona, they find that Bartaniel is dead, drinking himself to death in melancholy while outwardly staying jovial and boisterous.

Arriving in Midfast, the OGC compound is heavily fortified and looms large in the city. Mouse drops some signs that they are being watched, increasing patrols. The group, except for Razzit, go in to ask for Olivia, but get no response. Ryovin tries again and only gets kicked out. A certified member of the Order, though, would surely have better luck….

Interlude: A Date with the King

Soundly defeating the two Gargantuan dragonspawn, the group recovers a cart from the Mine and makes their way back to civilization. At Horgenhold they make repairs and regroup, discovering that the steamjack recovered from the mine may be a bit… feisty.

Once returned to Corvis, Major Klein informs everyone that they have a debrief with his superiors. After some long put-off drinking, they board a train and head South to Caspia. Klein leads them through twisting passages in the capital until they come up into what appears to be the royal Palace.

Scout-General Bolden Rebald, head of the Cygnar Reconnaissance Service, greets them. He heads them all into a large chamber. Inside is Warmaster Olson Turpin, Lord Commander Coleman Stryker, and his Majesty King Leto Raelthrone I. Once informed of the recent events, they plan the next course of action.

Documents recovered from the Greylord fortress mention Olivia Terantor, Koren D’Avangelo’s former teacher and mentor. They place her in Midfast, holed up in the Order of the Golden Crucible’s guildhouse/fortress there. She is an obvious link to D’Avangelo, assuming they can get to her first.

Chapter 9: The Rhul of Law, FInale

Ryovin turns the tables and attempts to attack Lylth, Everblight’s Herald, thrusting the group into a deadly battle. They come out on top, however, even though Lylth is able to retreat. She swears D’Avangelo will be the ruin of them all, and retreats into the wilderness. Injured and with damaged steamjacks, they return to the Quarry camp to repair and recuperate. Dargen is gone though, and all that remains there of him or the miner prisoners is blood.

Resting in the miner’s quarters, a rumbling noise gets Sebastian’s attention as he is on first watch. Two giant, winged dragonspawn come over the mountains towards the Quarry. The group flees, but soon find themselves pursued by the dragonspawn. They breathe fire at the wagon, damaging it and ruining the road ahead, but the group is able to navigate around the obstacles. One of them even gets a hold of the wagon, only to be forced back by Razzit’s knives.

The other dragonspawn lands in front of a mountain pass ahead and breathes more fire at the wagon. Despite their best efforts, the wagon loses control…..

Chapter 9: The Rhul of Law, Part 6

The group finds the unarmed (literally) Wroughthammer Rockram, and its arm and hammer. As well, a lone dwarf is found hiding in the workshop. Dagren witnessed the quarry being bought out by D’Avangelo, and the coming of the Nyss and their beasts. Interestingly, D’Avangelo seemed to have routed the Nyss before he left.

Searching the rest of the site, two of the mine shafts yield nothing, while the third contains an active dig. Two Nyss swordsmen are overseeing a group of dwarves and a steamjack as they dig and drill. They are easily defeated, and the dwarves taken captive. They are unresponsive to questioning, and seem be completely enthralled. They are left with Dagren, and the group advances on.

Past an old quarry pit is a new dig, where Dagren had mentioned worthless stone was dug up for no foreseeable purpose. There a number of twisted creatures are waiting, under the control of a Nyss woman with eyes hidden underneath a helmet. She asks the group about D’Avangelo whereabouts, before another voice speaking through her compels them to join it.

They are in fact talking to the dragon Ethranbul, or Everblight, through one of its lieutenants. It offers gifts and powers in exchange for fealty. Ryovin seemingly agrees and surrenders his weapons to Razzit. All is not quite as it seems, though….


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